Confusing sign

September 24, 2012

At a recent hotel stay in Australia I saw this sign below the air conditioning controls:

The bit that confused me was the ‘allow 40 minutes for changes in temperature’. This was a single hotel room, not an apartment, suite, or a house. It was maybe 30 square metres in area (perhaps a tad more, perhaps a tad less, but close enough).

What sort of inefficient air conditioning unit within the room takes 40 minutes to change the temperature in a 30 square metre room??? And how many complaints did they have about the air conditioning not working before they decided to get these signs printed and attached the the wall of all 200+ rooms in this hotel?

So I waited the requested 40 minutes, and you know what? I didn’t feel any change of temperature after setting it to the lowest cool option!

One comment

  1. A hotel that does not actually have A/C that works.

    I’ve seen similar signs a few times on hotels, and, upon inquiry, find out that the “control” doesn’t actually do anything.

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