SIM card not recognized

September 17, 2012

I had a scary situation happen to me last week while I was on vacation — my phone decided to delete all its data and reset itself back to the factory defaults (more on that in tomorrow’s blog post…).

After it reset itself, I couldn’t access the Access Point Name information or do anything that required mobile connection — I kept getting a message that my SIM card wasn’t recognized. I waited until I arrived back in Australia, and tried again. My Telstra SIM card still wasn’t recognized. I was a bit panicky at this stage and arranged to pop into my local Telstra Business Centre the next day to try to resolve the situation.

Later that evening, I fiddled with my phone again. Still the SIM wasn’t recognized (yes, I had taken it out and put it back in somewhere along the way). Then I noticed that Airplane Mode was still on, so I turned it off. And with that my SIM became active again!

I felt like such an idiot.

The reason I’m writing this blog post is in case this simple solution helps someone else (or me, if I’m ever in that situation again).

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