Do they grow the cotton first?

July 27, 2012

Oh dear. Typo in local newspaper this week:

Unfortunately, a person who sews can be called a ‘sewer’ (pron. so-er), but that can be easily misread as ‘sewer’ (pron. sue-er) as in the human waste disposal system.

It’s possible that the person who wrote this headline saw ‘sewers’ and thought it looked too much like the waste system, and thus changed it to ‘sower’, which has a totally different meaning altogether and means a person who plants seeds.

Further on in the copy, they got it right as ‘sewers’, but that headline was just plain wrong. If the headline writer wasn’t sure about ‘sewers’ then perhaps they should have reworded the headline to something like ‘Members come from far and wide’ or ‘National sewing guild AGM popular’ or similar.

Which reminds me..

When I attended a quilt workshop in Texas earlier this year, Laura Wasilowski did a ‘show and tell’ presentation where she told us about finding the tomb of the unknown sewer… ;-)

Tomb of the unknown sewer

[Photo from http://ww3.brevardcounty.us/usd/faq.cfm]

[Links last checked 25 July 2012]

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