MYOB v2011: Registry entries

May 22, 2012

I think I’ve found a reason why MYOB v2011 is SO DAMNED SLOW…

I had installed it on my Windows XP machine back in December 2011, but didn’t get to do more with it than test it on the sample company files. After the debacle with the release, I decided to continue using v19.6.

Anyhow, I’ve retired that Windows XP PC, and this weekend I used Revo Uninstaller to uninstall a heap of programs from that machine. Most of the software I uninstalled had fewer than 10 Registry entries, with only a few pieces of software having more than 100. Google Desktop had a tad under 400 Registry entries left after uninstallation. And most pieces of software I uninstalled left very few files after the removal of the software — typically fewer than 20 files, if any.

Not MYOB v2011. After uninstalling MYOB v2011, Revo Uninstaller reported that there were still 1762 Registry entries lurking! 1762!! And after I deleted those via Revo’s interface, it reported another 2163 MYOB-related files that weren’t uninstalled. NONE of these files were my data files; many were individual Help files, graphics files, DLLs, etc.

Unbelievable. No wonder the application is so darned slow if there are 1762 Registry entries left over AFTER uninstallation — makes you wonder how many are installed in the first place.

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