Another meaningless error message

April 2, 2012

You’d think the bigger companies would have staff or contract technical writers/editors who they’d use to check the messages the user sees, but I guess not if this error message from SmartFTP is any indication. Flood control is enabled? Really?? and WTF is ‘flood control’ to an ordinary user? The second part of the error gives a clue that it might be related to an overloaded search facility, but ‘flood control’?

Flood control is enabled


  1. I used to collect screen shots of those weird and completely non-understandable error messages. The first 50 or so were humorous & funny, the next couple of hundred became just annoying, and the following many hundreds just plain boring.

    So, I gave up keeping then. Probably a book in this somewhere on just this topic alone. Along with “when will they every learn?” for the coders & programmers who actually design these messages into production software for the masses…

  2. Texas Instruments had an error message (it might have been for the TI 990) inspired by drilling in Texan oil fields: “Shut ‘er down Clancy, she’s a pumpin’ mud!”

    For some others, you might want to see The Thirteen Greatest Error Messages of All Time at

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