More hotel win-win savings

March 5, 2012

Last year when I was in the US, I posted about the Hilton Del Mar hotel’s ‘green’ initiative, whereby they reward customers staying more than one night for not getting their room serviced every day. The Hilton Del Mar had a $5 per night ‘reward’, which was valid for food and drink at the hotel. I thought it was a pretty good win-win for the hotel and its customers.

Well, the Stamford Plaza Hotel at Sydney Airport has gone one further — they reward customers with $10 off per day that they don’t get their room serviced (min. 2-night stay), and instead of forcing customers to use the hotel’s food and beverage facilities (which may not be convenient for some people), they just take it off the bill. And then they donate $2 on top of that to Earthwatch.

Here’s the information the hotel provides for the guests:

Who needs clean sheets and towels every day?

[Link last checked 1 March 2012]

One comment

  1. The Sheraton up by my office in the Bay Area does the same thing. Choose not to have housekeeping do anything, and you get a $5 gift card (I think it can be used at their onsite restaurant, which is quite nice) or some number of loyalty points for each day you do that. It is a great idea!

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