Word: Remove a stubborn watermark

November 16, 2011

Here’s one I solved for a work colleague…


Word 2007 document with a stubborn ‘DRAFT’ watermark that won’t budge, despite going to the section and trying to remove it the usual way (Page Layout tab > Watermark > Remove Watermark).


Watermarks have always been stored as part of the header in Word, so:

  1. Turn off track changes.
  2. Double-click inside the section’s header to open it.
  3. Move your cursor over some of the letters in the watermark until it turns into a 4-way arrow.
  4. Click to select the watermark (you’ll see colored selection handles around the watermark text when it’s selected).
  5. Press the Delete key to remove the watermark.
  6. Repeat for all other sections that have a stubborn watermark that you can’t remove.

Update February 2013: If the watermark still won’t delete, trying saving the document as XML — see Amy’s instructions in the Comments (14 Oct 2012), and the following update immediately below.

Update March 2019: See below for the steps for saving as XML and deleting it that way. NOTE: Make a copy of your document and work on the copy. (Always work on a copy to test something you’ve never tried before or aren’t confident doing.)

  1. Open your document in Word.
  2. Save the document as an XML document: File > Save As and choose XML Document from the list of file types.
  3. Close Word. You’ll now have two docs listed in your folder—one with a DOCX file extension, and one with an XML extension.
  4. Open a text editor (e.g. Notepad, EditPlus etc.).
  5. Open the XML document you created in Step 2. Don’t panic when you see all the code!
  6. Place your cursor at the beginning of the file.
  7. Search (Ctrl+F in most cases) for your watermark word(s) surrounded by double quote marks and prefaced by string=. For example: string=”draft” or string=”confidential”.
  8. Delete the watermark word(s) inside the quote marks. There’s no need to delete anything else. You’ll end up with string=”” once you’ve deleted the watermark word(s).
  9. Save the XML document, then close the text editor.
  10. Find the XML document in your folder and open it using Word (NOT a text editor). The watermark should be gone. However, the document is still an XML file.
  11. Save the document as a DOCX file using File > Save As.
  12. Open the DOCX document—the watermark should be gone.


  1. Worked for me, THANK YOU! Could not get rid of that thing.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you, such a simple solution, and it worked like a charm

  3. Thank you – Oh my goodness. Six month battle trying to remove watermarks – and there you go!

  4. Thank you! That was easy.

  5. Amazing how easy something is when you know how. Thanks.

  6. Thank you sooooooo much

  7. It didn’t work for me. Help

  8. Thank you sooo much. A life saver in a time crunch.

  9. Thanks, saved me a bunch of time….

  10. Thank you. Could not make the “remove watermark” option in Page layout>watermarks remove it. This worked

  11. Super easy fix! Thanks for the help! Many happy internets to you

  12. Thank you!

  13. I can’t seem to get rid of the watermark using ‘remove watermark’ or by clicking in the header/footer and selecting the watermark. I’ve been clicking for a really long time. it won’t go away. It’s the only watermark on the doc, so I don’t see why it won’t go away.

  14. I had to save the doc as xml, open with notepad, delete every occurrence of the word that was in the watermark, reopen with word. Presto, evil watermark was gone.

  15. Glad you found a solution, Amy! That’s weird that you had go to the XML file to delete it.


  16. many Thanks, Broke my heart for two hours trying to remove it

  17. Thank you worked a treat!

  18. THANK YOU!!!!!

  19. Amy, your XML fix is what worked for me! Thanks a lot!!

  20. +1: Worked for me in Word 2010 (main solution).

  21. YOU are amazing! Thanks!!!!!

  22. Thanks….It worked…Glen

  23. Microsoft Word Help was absolutely of no help! Your solution of starting in the header section, on the other hand, worked like a charm. Thanks so much!

  24. WHAT A LIFESAVER. I wasted 20 minutes trying to remove a DRAFT watermark from the final version of a document I need to send to a client. Microsoft Word Help was worthless. I spend 1 minute Googling the problem and perusing the results and voila I find your fabulous, simple solution, and a great kernel of knowledge about Word. Your instructions were great and simple. Worked like a charm. Thank you very much

  25. Thank you so much. Worked like a charm.

  26. I too had to save as an xml file and then delete. Thanks for the tip!!

  27. Excellent! Your blood is worth bottling!

  28. To remove the most common watermarks you can use web services like http://watermark-remover.com

  29. Yes…it does work. But here is an added question. I did a mail merge from an excel spreadsheet with like 1,500 letters that resulted. Each letter has the word “draft” on it. I can remove the watermark one document at a time…but the thought of doing it 1500 times will put me over the edge!! Any way to remove them all with one click? Thanks

  30. Hi Kevin

    Can you run the mail merge again, but this time remove the ‘Draft’ watermark from the source letter?

    Are all the letters in one long document? If so, have you tried the ‘save as XML’ option (comment above by Amy, 14 October 2012)?

    If that doesn’t work, you might have to create some sort of macro to remove them from all section headers, or separate docs if they’re already separated out. I wouldn’t know where to start with that, so try asking about how to do that on the Microsoft community forums: http://support.microsoft.com/ask-community/more?Family=Office. Someone there may be able to help you.


  31. Wow how easy, never woould have thought of that

  32. Thanks for the solution! It’s ridiculous that the “remove watermark” option does not work and we have to search for another option on our own.

  33. Whoooo hooooo… I knew to google it so I didn’t spen hours fixing the problem with your help, Thank you!!!!

  34. Thanks for the solution. I would have never figured it out.

  35. it worked like magic. Thank you. I was just about to quit…

  36. Thanks SO much:-).

  37. Thank you SO much! This saved me literally 2 months work after trying everything else worked.

  38. Thank you so much! I was ready to start over on a new document.

  39. THANK YOU!!

  40. Boy, you saved my life! Thank you for the info!

  41. Amy your a gem – I can’t believe that you have to go to such lengths just to get rid of a water mark

  42. You Sir are correct! Amazing how everyone in my office didn’t have a clue how to get the watermark of. We all assumed it wa something very easy to manipualte, right in front of our eyes; when in doubt, google!

  43. Thank You so much!!!!!

  44. THANK YOU!

  45. amy’s XML tip saved my day!

  46. Thank You, my colleague was almost crying..

  47. Thanks so much

  48. Thanks heaps!

  49. Nothing worked for me, except going to print>properties>effects>watermarks .. There were 2 [none]’s so I selected the first one and finally the watermark [none] is no longer there. :)

  50. Thank you so much for sharing the answer to such a pesky problem — you really are a PRO!
    Love, Jeanne

  51. That was very helpful too. Thanks a lot for sharing. Regards, Henry

  52. Great info, thanks so much!

  53. Simply perfect! thanks so much

  54. Another way to remove the Watermark behind a Table is to shrink a couple of the columns on the table (note your column settings before re-sizing), to “expose” the watermark. Then move the cursor over the outside of the table, and over a letter of the watermark until the 4 way arrow appears, then left click to select the watermark, once it is selected, hit delete, and re-size the table columns

  55. thanks so much! this has saved me tearing my hair out! so simple, but worked #smiling

  56. For those whom the Header>Select WM>Delete does not work… try using a instead of a backspace or delete. I had the persistent problem, wrassled it in a dozen ways with no success… did everything described above to no avail… but “cutting” in lieu of deleting/backspaceing, etc. DID WORK.

    One final thought… if none of that works, try two more “inelegant solutions”:

    1. Go into the header and select the WM and change the text fill to white… if on white paper/background it will work remembering you didn’t really get rid of it.

    2. MS Word also has under the MS Suite “logo” a Prepare>Inspect Document feature that when run, will identify if there are watermarks and offer to remove them. Problem is, it will remove headers and footers at the same time.

    Hope this may help.

  57. … the above should say… try using a <RIGHT-CLICK and select CUT" instead of a backspace and delete…. not sure why it dropped out when I saved it but I'm sure it was something I did. Sorry

  58. Worked in one second! Yay.

  59. YES!!! It worked for me too, just now. Thank you!!

  60. Are all of these solutions PC-based? Or for a newer version of Word? I’m running a Mac with MS Word 2004 Version 11.6. There’s no way to save as an XML document. There’s no way to “Prepare-Inspect Document.” When I open my Header, there’s nothing there so there’s nothing to select. Weirdest of all, this only happens on one printer. I have three printers connected to my Mac and on the other two, no water mark appears. But on my hp Laser Jet Pro, I suddenly have the word “Draft” printed horizontally on every page. This just started. I’ve had the printer for a month. Under “Insert Watermark” the button for “No Watermark” has been selected. I’ve re-selected it with no result. Can anyone help?

  61. Hi Glinda

    Yes, this is PC-based, and Word 2007/2010 instructions. I suspect Word 2004 for Mac is based on Word 2003 for Windows, which did not have XML options.

    You say you only see this on ONE printer and that you’ve only had that printer for a month. I wonder if it’s a printer setting??? The reason I ask is that in Acrobat Professional (which is effectively a printer driver for producing PDFs), you can set a watermark independently of Word. It’s possible that your new printer has a similar option, so I suggest you go hunting around in your printer options, and read the Help/manual for your printer to see if a watermark can be set via the printer options.

    I just Googled for your printer name and the word ‘watermark’ and came up with this: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Mac-Printing-and-Scanning/the-word-quot-draft-quot-prints-on-all-documents-from-the/td-p/1833805

    And this: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&taskId=120&prodSeriesId=4337652&prodTypeId=18972&prodSeriesId=4337652&objectID=c03268519

    And this, where the user finally solved the problem by resetting the printer back to the factory defaults: http://www.justanswer.com/printers/7fm1z-new-hp-laserjet-pro-300-color-mfp-m375nw-printer.html


  62. Perfect! Thank you!!!!!!!

  63. You are a lifesaver. Your suggestion worked brilliantly. Thanks.

  64. Thank you so much! I tried everything else with no success, until now.

  65. Still working! And works perfect!! Thank you for saving me so many minutes…

  66. Thanks so much! One less grey hair and 30 mins of my life saved!

  67. Brilliant, thank you very much for this solution.

  68. thank guys

  69. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hours wasted clicking remove watermark to no avail!!

  70. Whoever you are, I love you! Thank you!!!!

  71. Glad to help Jaimi!

    I’m a female technical writer/editor living in Western Australia, and I’ve been working with Word since about 1992 — you learn quite a bit in 20-something years working with a product ;-)


  72. Thank you, I had to figure this out real quick and was able to remove the watermark with your guidance here. Thank you!

  73. Worked like a charm. Thanks!!

  74. You are Amazing – thank you so much!

  75. Awesome, thanks!

  76. Thank you for this amazing tip. It worked.

  77. Wow, Microsoft ‘help’ page was no help, your tip worked like a charm, thanks so much for sharing!

  78. Thank you much, worked like a charm

  79. This was extremely helpful and so simple. Thank you so much.

  80. Thank you so much – this has caused me no end of problems, and such a simple solution. Microsoft word help writers – please update your guidance to be this useful!

  81. Thank you!! i was at a loss how to get rid of that thing

  82. THANKS!!!

  83. Brilliant. Thank you VERY much. amazing that this is all necessary though !

  84. WORKED!! thank you so much. I was removing the headers to get rid of it.. but this is great because you don’t have to rebuild the header.

  85. worked for me too ! The bug is also present in 4 years younger Word for Mac 2011

  86. You are a life-saver. I spent 3 hours + trying to get the watermark removed from a very long document. The document had all kinds of pictures, graphs and formatting, so it would have been a very long process.

  87. Awesome! Worked perfectly! :)

  88. “Watermark” may actually be WordArt, also held captive in the header. In your actual header, select words by holding your left mouse button down and scrolling over them and see if a box appears around your “watermark” as well, highlighting it. If so, it may actually be WordArt. Go back and begin scrolling over words in your header more slowly to select them to find out just when the box around your “watermark” appears. That’s the text area where your “watermark” lives. Delete that text in your header, noting that your “watermark” went with it, and retype the text. Mine was hidden in the first few words of the header.

    If it’s WordArt, you can select the “watermark” by running your cursor over it when you’re in your header, but “Delete” or “Cut” won’t remove it.

  89. Thanks for sharing, Jolene. I rarely/never use WordArt, so hadn’t thought that it might be an option for a ‘watermark’.


  90. Awesome solution – saved me hours.

  91. thanks a lot! super helpful!

  92. Awesome thanks soooo much

  93. thanx the page layout >watermark>remove … works

  94. The xml method works perfectly, thanks a lot

  95. Thanks – wasted 2 hours following Word help instructions until I found your post!

  96. Thank you! I was ready to throw my laptop out of the window trying to figure this issue out!

  97. Thank you very much. I don’t know why that stubborn watermark in that remaining section could not be deleted, but it’s gone now. So easy too (once you know how) – thank you again!!!

  98. OMG – you are absolutely fantastic! I’ve spent an hour on this!!!!!!!!!!!! Give that person a MEDAL.

  99. Well, you can always thank me by clicking the Donate button to buy me a coffee ;-)

  100. I came here first and it still works in Word 2010. made me smile for the first time today

  101. Thanks so much. I wasn’t looking forward to re-keying in the copy.

  102. Thanks, that was driving me mad!

  103. Thank you so much!!! This is a life saver :)

  104. Thank you! What a relief! Bob

  105. awesome – you guys really helped me out, thanks!!!

  106. I was at the point that I was going to set up a new document then cut and paste. What would we do without the internet and people who share. Thanks!

  107. HI,
    I’m desperate. Somehow all my Word documents end up with a watermark when printed. The watermark is not there in the Word document when making print preview:s or when going to the “Watermark function”. When I add a watermark it is printed on top of the one not visible within Word. When I print them as PDF:s they are Ok. Anyone having an idea?

  108. Thank you so much – I puzzled over this for ages!!

  109. Thank u ….sosososoosos much.. solved my puzzle…

  110. There is a second option. You can insert a picture in the header and have it work like a watermark. To remove the “watermark” in the header you open the header and delete it or add a blank as the header. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/remove-a-watermark-HA101881319.aspx

  111. Awesomeness. Solved. BTW, I meant to leave 5* instead of 4*, but the mouse was doing it’s own thing.

  112. This may seem like a silly add, but better late than never. I had difficulty deleting the watermark via the header method and then realized I was in review mode. As soon as I changed to No markup view, the watermark was gone!

  113. What a relief! I left work Friday frustrated and then came in today and tried the same and it continued to NOT WORK. I was thinking about copying and pasting as well and then I thought “google the question” and problem solved. Thanks

  114. Worked Great! Thank You

  115. THANK YOU!!! I had the same problem as all of the others and your solution was so easy.

  116. I had struggled and was failing. It worked in seconds. Thanks

  117. I had to go to the XML solution and, even then, had trouble getting rid of it… but it’s gone now! Thanks!

  118. Thank you! We were perplexed over this problem, but now it’s solved!

  119. thanks so much. so simple. and it works.

  120. thanks

  121. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  122. Already close to 3 years after you wrote this tip: and there are still people who debt you a thank, including me.

  123. THANKS SO MUCH! Even if you try copying the entire document and pasting it into another the watermark still came up. YOU SAVED ME FROM RE-TYPING MY 2000 WORD ESSAY DUE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. I know Irgend Jemand, 3 years and still people are thanking this WISE person!

  125. Easy to follow instructions – thanks so much you saved me so much stress as was on a tight timeframe

  126. I have to add my thanks for this tip – NEVER would have figured it out!

  127. thanks a lot… it worked out for me

  128. Many thanks man, you are awesome, a whole day’s effort!

  129. Worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

  130. I’m with the 100 or so others. This was the first tute I found and absolutely solved my issue in a minute. Thank you very much.

  131. Like the legion of others, thank a ton. So easy.

  132. AWESOME!!!!

  133. If deleting or cutting the watermark doesn’t work, try shrinking the word (word art) to teeny tiny, then move it right off the page.

  134. OMGosh! So simple. THANK YOU,THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  135. Thanks SO much for your help. It worked on my first try!! Word help did nothing to help!!!

  136. Great help, thak you!

  137. thank you

  138. genius!

  139. so appreciated!!!!

  140. 2015 and still relevant. Thank you! This was driving me crazy.

  141. syukur alhamdulilah, allahuakbar thank you for this fix

  142. Thank you

  143. Worked like a charm!

    I had to double click on the header/footer area to then be able to select the “DRAFT” text.

  144. This worked for me. Thanks.

  145. awesome but how can i set a stuborrn watermark

  146. Hi Abdullah

    You insert a watermark from the Page Layout tab > Watermark option.


  147. I was able to put in a watermark, but sometimes text printed in front of the watermark obscuring it. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

  148. By default, a watermark goes BEHIND the main text in a document. As far as I can tell, you can’t change this behaviour. unless you don’t use the watermark feature and instead use a text box.

  149. I expect that the watermark would be behind the text. However, I think the document itself may have corruption issues, since the watermark is visible as expected behind the text on some pages, while on other pages the watermark is totally covered by portions of the text (“blocking text”). I even tried creating a new document, inserting a watermark and pasting some of the “blocking text” from the first document….where this text blocked out the watermark beneath it again.

  150. Update on my text blocking watermark problem. I felt that the problem was mainly with some of the text in my document, since the watermark was not blocked from view on all the pages. I tried selecting one section of “blocking text” and using “Clear Formatting” on it. That worked. I could now see the watermark. I did have to restore the double space format of the text, but that was minor. I then used format painter on the other instances of “blocking text” where necessary. Now I can see the complete watermark on every page. I don’t know what property of the “blocking text” was causing the problem, but now I have a solution.

  151. Thank you soooooo much. Word Help is no help at all, but you were a big help.

  152. Thanks a ton. You made my day

  153. Thank you very much you have saved a soul

  154. VERY helpful. Thank you!

  155. Very helpful, thanks a lot.

  156. ‘finally’…. thank you – TOO easy and yet, not even considerd it would be part of the header!


  157. When I saved the document in xml and pulled it up in Notepad it was nothing but junk. I couldn’t even read the document.

  158. If you open it in a browser, it will be more readable, as the XML tags are colour-coded. But you can’t edit in the browser, so you need to open it in Notepad. Once opened in Notepad, do a find (Ctrl+F) for the watermarked word/phrase. It will be between double quotation marks and the earlier part of the section where it is found will have something like ‘PowerPlusWatermarkObject’ plus a number. Delete just the word/phrase but NOT the quotation marks. Keep searching and deleting until all instances are gone.

  159. thanks a lot…it really worked

  160. Thank you, was so easy and works.

  161. so simple…… Duh!

  162. Brilliant. Thanks for taking the time to help us all out!

  163. Thank you.. Helped me a lot


  165. Thanks. it worked for me

  166. It worked, thank you so much!!!

  167. Thank you!

  168. This is amazing. Thank you !

  169. Was driving us nuts at work and no one could give us an answer ….. brilliant!!!

  170. Was driving me nuts! Thanks Amy, it worked. Then the ‘Header’ option worked too. With Header option it is important to remember that, once you have activated the header, you have to hover your mouse over ‘DRAFT’ as opposed to taking your curser there.

  171. Been struggling with this for a long time!!!! Thank you

  172. THANK YOU! Just spent 30 minutes fighting with this document!

  173. Thank you so much! After three hours of deleting the darn thing every page in my pdf document – it took 2 seconds to do it after reading your tip – arrrgggh. A little something from paypal is on its way!

  174. Simply and absolutely amazing. Thank you Amy! Why must Microsoft make such an easy thing SO DAMN HARD. Anyways – a million thanks.

  175. you are my new God. I will now worship you

  176. THANK YOU!!

  177. With 2013, I had some watermarks attached to the header that weren’t getting deleted following these instructions. I wasn’t able to get the 4-arrow cursor showing. I didn’t want to have to worry about potential complications from the XML conversion. I found that by double-clicking the header, and then clicking once on the watermark (using the normal cursor), I could select an area that was near the watermark, but not the watermark graphic itself, I was then able to hover around over the watermark word until I saw the 4-arrow cursor, and then click. The watermark was then selected directly. Delete. Done.

  178. This was very helpful thank you

  179. Worked! Thank you. Watermarks…

  180. Thank you, so simple, but I’d been struggling to get rid of the watermark.

  181. As everyone said, its a simple solution but hard to find. Thanks a tonne

  182. You are a frigging genius! Thank you! It was stuck only on the first page of my document and I could not get rid of it. I typed “Microsoft Word can’t get rid of watermark on first page” into Google and up you popped! Thanks again.

  183. That worked, Thank you!!

  184. thanks Amy, your solution worked!

  185. Many, many thank! Very usefull

  186. Thank you, Amy – such a smart, simple solution to a stubborn problem that was taking up too much valuable time! I’m very grateful!

  187. Thank you for this solution — for whatever reason, it was just happening to documents I was working on this week and was driving me crazy — especially on several time sensitive documents. Finally had time to try and figure it out and went to your answer first when I Googled it. Many thanks!

  188. Haha AMAZING!!

  189. super, thanks

  190. Finally a google answer that actually works! HUGE thank you!

  191. Ha! Thank you so much

  192. thank u..

  193. Oh, finally! Thanks a lot!

  194. You can also just delete the header …

  195. How could I remove a watermark when the watermark icon doesn’t get highlighted? I use Macbook Pro, Word version 15.19.1

  196. Please don’t forget to turn off Tracking! I was using this approach and it was not working, until I realized that Tracking was on and it was not set to FINAL view. Thanks for the Tip !

  197. Thank you!!! :)

  198. Easy method

  199. Thank you!

  200. thanks man. love you

  201. Thanks heaps, this saved me a lot of frustration.

  202. Thank you!!!! Tried the usual way of removing it and it just wouldn’t work until I came across your suggestion! Bless you loads.

  203. Thank you! You have saved my assignment.

  204. Thank you!!

  205. Still works in June of 2017 in Word for the Mac. Thank you!!

  206. THANK YOU.

  207. I just had an odd diagonal line in my document which was only visible when converted to PDF, not visible in Word.

    Couldn’t see the watermark in my header or footer.

    I did have a logo in my header though. I moved this and changed the way it sat over/under text. My next PDF was clean – no more watermark.

    Not sure what fixed clearly something to do with the header and the graphic…


  208. Thanks for this. Amazing that 6 years after you posted this it’s still an issue. That’s Microsoft Office for you…

  209. Hi Richard

    Actually, I recall learning this technique many years ago, probably around the Word 2.0/6.0 days, so it’s been around a LONG time.


  210. Thank You

  211. It worked. Hurray! Thanks guys

  212. Thank you! Would have never figured that out. Had a 130 page document that I couldn’t get the damn thing off of.

  213. Thank you so much for this!!! Wouldn’t have been able to work this out!!

  214. Still valid in 2018. *thumbup*

  215. and another thumbs up!

  216. You saved the day in our office!!

  217. Thank you!!

  218. More than six years later and you’re still saving people’s butts. Thank you!!!

  219. Saved mine just today!!!!!!!!!thanks

  220. thank u soo much

  221. My “draft” watermark ended up being in the header but somehow placed across the page – I had to click until I was in the header, and then was able to delete the watermark that way. Interesting. But it worked – thank you very very much!

  222. That’s the normal behaviour, Caitlin, which is why people get confused about trying to select it to delete it — you have to go into the header to delete a watermark that’s spread across the main body of the document.


  223. Thank you! Fixed my boggle. :)

  224. Thank you!!

  225. I tried removing a watermark on a 12 page doc. Used the built in option to remove the watermark and it only removed it from the first 2 pages. No sections in the document. After almost an hour googled it and was lucky to find this thread. Amy’s advise was what did it for me. Thanks!! Glad that your advise still works 6 years later!!!

  226. Thanks, that advice worked!!!

  227. Wow..It works. Thanks

  228. Not only a wordmark but it was mirror image… this delete worked… impressed!!!

  229. Perfect and easy Thank you so much!

  230. I give you 5 Stars!!! The option of starting in the header section worked for me. Most obliged!

  231. Help, Amy! I was able to change the document to an XML but I have no idea what to delete?

  232. Hi Judy

    I’ve added full instructions for saving as XML and what to look for and delete in the update dated March 2019 in the main blog post.


  233. Thanks a lot… It worked very well..

  234. When I have this problem I highlight the entire document, cut, click on remove watermark, then paste. Viola!


  236. Hi there, it doesn’t work for me; I’ve got a Mac, Windows 7, html-file didn’t show the word ‘string’, so couldn’t delete anything. Hours of searching, pfff :(

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