Installation confusion

November 11, 2011

I’ve been running some maintenance and upgrades on one of my computers, and came across this after downloading and starting the installation of a driver that HP’s Health Check had recommended:

Confusing installation message

What the...? How do you decipher this message?

I have NO idea what I’m meant to do. The message is confusing, very poorly written (reminiscent of scams/malware, etc.), and appears to be contradictory (the original driver is removed, then you have to go back to the original driver and run its setup.exe to install the new driver??? huh?)

Needless to say, I clicked No and backed out of the installation.

Can anyone interpret what it means? It’s got me totally confused.

I did find one thing with a Google search, but it didn’t tell me if the so-called instructions in this message had to be followed for the installation to happen or not: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Other-Notebook-PC-questions/Strange-message-when-doing-HP-Health-Check-updates/td-p/751063

[Links last checked November 2011]


  1. Rhonda:
    Drivers can be harder to update or remove.. they tend to get more tied up with the operating system than, say, applications do. This has to be pure speculation, (not that that stops me) but I’d guess the installer program first looks around for an old driver, judges that it has to be uninstalled, and then has to make a call out to the uninstall process via an operating system function. Once it does that call, chances are processing can’t get back to wherever the install program was at, so it tries (not very well) to tell you you have to rerun the new install. If all then goes well, the second time around,

  2. …it doesn’t find the old driver, so it just gets on with the install. Now I’ll leave it to your redundancy editing skills to fit that into a pop-up window….;-)

  3. First of all, HP should have a native English-speaker review their error messages. Messages like this come out of India or other countries and definitely don’t help with the user experience.

    As to THIS error? Sounds like the setup is going to uninstall the original driver. Then you have to run setup again to install the new driver. Doesn’t sound like it’s too catastrophic, so go for it! :)

  4. Challenge accepted, Peter! ;-) Here’s my first attempt at rewording this message based on what you and Sue have said:

    This update will remove the original driver. When that has finished, run the update’s setup.exe again to install the new driver. Do you want to continue?

    How’s that?

    Time taken: Two minutes.

  5. Rhonda,

    From my experience (and I’m talking years back) with HP, I now refuse to update anything from their site. I have a printer and it always wants to update. I say no, and my printer works just fine and the quality is great.

    HP were always known to (and maybe still are) to say that they do not accumulate info about your computer or OS, but they always do. I’ve read that many times over and over again.

    For the above reason, I never never never update HP stuff. It it ain’t broken, no update is needed.

    Do as you wish, but just wanted to give you my .02 CDN cents.

    PS. I sooooo agree about that awful message – please, at least check the grammar!!! Try to at least make it look like it’s from Canada or the US of A !!!

  6. or Australia or the UK or New Zealand or South Africa! ;-)

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