See all fonts on your computer at once

October 7, 2011

From Chuck Green’s Ideabook (http://www.ideabook.com) newsletter came this:

Wordmark is wonderful online tool that allows you to see words and phrases in all of the typefaces loaded on your computer. So, for example, I can type in “ideabook” and see it rendered in all of the hundreds of the typefaces on my system — every family and every typeface within them.

You can see Wordmark in action here: http://www.wordmark.it/

Type a word in the box at the top, select your settings from the top bar (optional), then click Load Fonts.

Here’s an example of what you get (I left the default ‘wordmark’ as the word to render):

Example fonts on my computer

Example fonts on my computer

[Links last checked September 2011]


  1. That’s really cool! Too bad it’s not working for me. When I click on “load fonts”, nothing happens. :(

  2. Hi Sara

    I tried on both Firefox (v7.x) and Internet Explorer (v8) on a Windows XP machine and it worked in both browsers for me.

    Did you type a word into the top box (where ‘wordmark’ is by default when you first open the site)?

    It’s possible that a security setting in your browser options is set to not allow whatever it’s using behind the scenes to make this happen. Did you see any sort of yellow bar at the top of the browser window telling you that something was blocked?


  3. Thanks really helpful as i’m trying to get away from the ‘usual’ fonts right now.


  4. Great… it is working… Thanks.

  5. You can just type your desired words or texts online in http://fontviewer.paronsoft.net (“Font View List” tab) to preview them using all the fonts currently installed on your PC at once. You don’t need to install any software.

  6. It works very well for me. I am using Opera browser.

  7. Great tool, but I think I have more fonts available than were shown, anyway I have more choices showing in Gimp. Thank you for posting!

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