Word: Macro to show all formatting on opening a document

July 13, 2011

I’ve written before about using a macro to show all formatting marks, bookmarks, table grid lines and field shading before, and just yesterday I gave you a macro for turning off the track formatting option in Track Changes. The problem is that these macros require user input to run.

So what if you find these options pretty clever and want to include them in your template so that every time you opened a document based on that template, they’d automatically run and the author wouldn’t have to remember to run them? For that you need to add them to the AutoOpen() macro.

AutoOpen and AutoNew macros are inbuilt into Word, and anything you include in them is automatically run whenever you open a document (AutoOpen) or create a new document (AutoNew) based on the template.

Here’s how to incorporate the two macros above into an AutoOpen() macro:

Sub AutoOpen()

' macro to display bookmarks, field shading, formatting marks, _
table grid lines and turn off Track Formatting in Track Changes _
on opening an existing document based on the template 

With ActiveWindow.View
   .ShowAll = True
   .ShowBookmarks = True
   .FieldShading = wdFieldShadingAlways
  If ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.View.TableGridlines = False Then
     ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.View.TableGridlines = True
  End If
End With

With ActiveDocument
   .TrackFormatting = False
End With

End Sub

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