MYOB: Don’t tell me how to set up my monitors

July 6, 2011

I’ve been a user of MYOB accounting software for as long as I’ve had a business (nearly 12 years). A new feature they implemented in their more recent versions was something called Business Insights. It’s a dashboard-style overview of your company’s income and expenses and other stuff — or so I believe from their online Help. However, MYOB won’t show me this for my company.

Why? Because they tell me that my computer monitor needs to be set to a certain minimum resolution:

MYOB error about monitor resolution

The problem is, my monitor is actually set to a higher resolution than that (900 x 1440 px)! Yet I still get this message.

I think it’s because I have two monitors swiveled to portrait orientation. Perhaps MYOB is looking at the first number of my settings (900 px) and only taking that into account in its ‘cleverness’, instead of the totality of the numbers.

My monitor settings

Whatever the reason, I cannot view my Business Insights dashboard without changing the orientation of one or both monitors. And I’m not doing that just for one aspect of one application!

Whatever happened to scrolling? I scroll all the time on websites and in applications that are fixed width for a landscape-oriented viewport. Just because I have my monitors turned another way shouldn’t prevent me from seeing this information. Sorry, MYOB — this is a fail.

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