Building a sustainable business

June 16, 2011

If you run or manage a small to medium-sized business (or even a large one!), check out this free book on Sustainable Growth by Jon Dee: http://about.sensis.com.au/IgnitionSuite/uploads/docs/SENS0047_Book_ONLINE_v4a.pdf (PDF, 9 MB; individual chapters are available for download from http://about.sensis.com.au/small-business/free-sustainable-growth-book/)

From about page 40 onwards, it’s full of practical and sensible advice on steps you can take how to make your business more sustainable (prior to p40, the author talks more generally about climate change etc. and not everyone may agree with his views). Dee uses case studies to show how businesses large and small are reducing their environmental footprint, while making substantial cost savings and increasing profits.

While the references and links throughout the book are to Australian websites, for the most part, his advice applies anywhere.

As with any such book, it would be impossible to implement every suggestion Dee proposes, but if every business could implement just a few, it will make a difference.

As far as a my business is concerned, I’ve been implementing the telecommuting suggestions for some years now — in addition to environmental savings, I know that I’ve saved thousands of dollars by not buying lunch, by not driving my car to work, by not paying for parking and fuel, and by not regularly updating my ‘corporate’ wardrobe (clothes, shoes, stockings, etc.). I’ve also reduced my stress levels by not being forced to wake to an alarm clock, by not having to deal with peak-hour traffic every day, and by not having to race around to get shopping, housework etc. done in limited hours after taking commuting time into account. And I’ve improved my health by not working in an office environment where I’m exposed to other people’s bugs every day.

Links last checked June 2011]

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