Why ‘login’ is not a verb

June 1, 2011

For all the technical writers out there who want to convince developers that ‘login’ (or ‘logon’) is NOT a verb, here’s your explanation: http://loginisnotaverb.com/

If I use ‘login’ at all, I use it as an adjective, as in ‘login screen’ or ‘login credentials’.

Think of it in terms of how you ‘get in’ to a system and substitute ‘log in’ for ‘get in’. Just as ‘getin’ is not a verb, nor is ‘login’ — instead, you ‘log in’ to a system.

And something else that isn’t a verb — or even a word — is ‘goto’. It’s ‘go to’. Sure, ‘goto’ and ‘login’ may be verbs used in certain programming languages or routines, but they are not legitimate verbs in normal English usage.

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  1. This is my favorite edition of CTN ever. really!

  2. Ah, Rhonda, you may think that the old rules make it so (i.e., not a verb) but if it keeps getting used that way, it is Now or will be a verb Real Soon Now. After all, there was a time when there was no noun “login”, (but there is now).
    Compound words do move into the language, even as verbs.

  3. I suspect that may be the case, but I’ll resist ‘goto’ for as long as possible ;-)


  4. I can’t believe this even warrants a blog post, especially its own website. I work in a technical field and have never seen this used as a verb. I may start using it now that I know it is so irksome to grammarians.

  5. […] Why ‘login’ is not a verb: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2011/06/01/why-login-is-not-a-verb/ […]

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