Sometimes I feel like Rick Wakeman

May 18, 2011

This is my daily work setup — my PC (with two monitors rotated to portrait orientation) on the left (Windows XP with Word 2003 on it), client’s laptop in the middle (Vista with Word 2007), my laptop on the right (Vista with Word 2010). Both laptops are wireless, so I can work anywhere in the house or outside, though I tend to stay in the office most of the time when I’m working.

Above my PC are the style guides and dictionaries I use the most — Macquarie Dictionary is that really big book lying on its side and on its own shelf!

What you can’t see is the view from the window on the left — when I’m on my PC (though not the laptops), I can glance up and see some houses and farm land, then the estuary and the sand dunes in the distance, and watch the weather come in from the Indian Ocean, which is just over the sand dunes.

Computer setup in my home office

Computer setup in my home office

And the Rick Wakeman reference? I guess it only applies if you’re of a certain vintage and remember the band, Yes. Rick was the keyboard player and typically was surrounded by multiple keyboards.

Yes, I still use a mouse — I HATE those trackpad things and have never really got used to them.

[Link last checked May 2011]


  1. I’m so glad to hear of another trackpad luddite. I hate them too. BTW dangling a carrot like that just won’t wash. We all want to see the view from your window now. Maybe you can correct this sometime soon :-)

  2. Colum: Just for you! Some photos of the estuary and environs near my house, taken when I was on a walk last weekend: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rhondamadeit/sets/72157626815503028/

    I can see the estuary in the distance from my office — it’s about 1 km away as the crow flies.

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