Learning Author-it

May 3, 2011

My good friend and fellow Author-it Certified Consultant, Char James-Tanny, has her new book at the publishers. It will be ready for release and sale at the STC Summit in Sacramento, California in mid-May, 2011.

Her book is called ‘Learning Author-it‘ and it’s a very practical and useful introduction to the fundamentals of this complex, featured-filled and amazing software. How do I know this? Because I had the privilege of editing it!

Front cover of Learning Author-it book

Char and I have collaborated before on Author-it stuff, such as joint conference presentations and introductory training materials, and I’ve previously edited her other Author-it training materials, so I was honored to be asked to edit her book too. An even greater honor was to be asked to write the Foreword.

To round it out, our good friend Sue Heim did the indexing. Those of you who attend the same conferences that we do, know that we all hang out together, so it was great to work together too.

The time zone thing also worked well. Char would send me a revised version at the end of her work day (often midnight or later), which I’d receive during my day. As most of the editing was done over the Easter break, I’d work on it during my day, then send her my edits, which would be waiting in her Inbox when she woke up. So there was hardly any down time when one of us was waiting for the other.

If you use Author-it, or are planning to use Author-it, read this book. Not only are there heaps of step-by-step instructions, Char also goes into the reasons why you do — or don’t do — something in Author-it.

The book is available for pre-order from XMLPress (the publishers): http://xmlpress.net/publications/learning-author-it/. It will also be available at the STC Summit (where Char might even sign your copy for you!), from Barnes & Noble (pre-release), and from Amazon.com after it’s been released.

[Links last checked May 2011]

One comment

  1. Rhonda,

    Thanks for being a part of Char’s book. FYI, the book is now generally available at the major online retailers in the US, UK, Canada, and Europe. I hope it will shortly be available in Australia and Asia, too.

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