And the abuse of apostrophes continues…

April 20, 2011

J, a long-time reader of this blog, sent me these two photos he took in the NewsLink bookstore at Sydney’s international terminal.

NewsLink has more than 40 stores in all major Australian airports and at Hong Kong’s international airport — I suspect this apostrophe abuse is in all their stores.

You’d think the person responsible for approving the copy for their signs (perhaps the company’s Marketing and Merchandising Manager?) would know the difference between a plural (DVDs) and a possessive (Children’s [books]).

Obviously not <sigh>.

And no, I won’t comment on the offerings in the Children’s section…

[Links last checked April 2011; thanks for letting me use your photos, J]


  1. That always drives me crazy. I point out punctuation errors to my wife whenever I see them, and she just rolls her eyes. :)

  2. […] long-time reader of this blog, J, emailed me the other day about more apostrophe anomalies. This time he was upset and amazed by what a BlackBerry smartphone did to the emails between him […]

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