The lack of a comma changes meaning

March 30, 2011

To show the importance of a comma, take a look at the bit I’ve circled in the main headline’s subtitle:

Really? She cooks her family and her dog??? I think they meant “…finds inspiration in cooking, her family, and her dog.”

Commas are such little things, but when they are left out or used in the wrong place, they can totally alter meaning.

(from: http://twitpic.com/4cma2z)

Here’s another one, this time from http://pinterest.com/pin/20392252/:

Importance of a comma

[Links last checked June 2011; thanks to Suzi C for sending me the link to the ‘grandpa’ one]


  1. Oh, how wonderful! I enjoy this one as much as the one about the two ex-wives called Kris – and Robert. See http://kaiweber.wordpress.com/2010/10/29/whats-in-a-serial-comma/

  2. I love it.

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