Outlook Web Access: Tips for use

March 24, 2011

When I’m on the road, I use Outlook Web Access (OWA) or Outlook Web Access Lite to access email, contacts, calendars, etc. stored on my Exchange Server. And so it was for my recent trip to the US.

However, I kept getting logged out of OWA after about 10 minutes of inactivity. While this is good if you’re on a public computer in an airport or similar, it’s not so good when you’re in a hotel room on your own computer.

I asked the PC Guru guys if they knew why I was getting logged out and if there was something they could set on my Exchange Server to extend the time I was logged in. Well, they didn’t have to do anything after my Guru gave me some advice!

So I’ll share his advice with you — hopefully, it will help others who use OWA on the road:

  • Use Internet Explorer for OWA, even if you use another browser for all other web activity. Both IE and OWA are Microsoft products, so they play well together.
  • When on a public computer, select the Public option. This will automatically log you out after about 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • When on your own computer, even in a public location like an airport lounge, select the Private option. You won’t get logged out automatically.

[Link last checked March 2011]

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