Microsoft style guides for languages other than English

February 7, 2011

An insider at Microsoft alerted me to the existence of this site where you can download style guides in many languages (but not English): http://www.microsoft.com/Language/en-US/StyleGuides.aspx

Microsoft Style Guides are collections of rules that define language and style conventions for specific languages. These rules usually include general localization guidelines, information on language style and usage in technical publications, and information on market-specific data formats.

I can’t read or speak another language, so I can’t vouch for how good these guides are.

As far as English goes? Unfortunately, that same Microsoft insider had no information on when the English language version (the updated Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications [MMoSTP]) might be released, but she said she’d let me know when it was.

Here’s hoping it’s soon. The most recent edition of MMoSTP was published in 2004 and a lot has happened in the computing and software worlds since then.

Bonus: When you go to that site, you can click the Search Terminology tab to search for a specific term (e.g. check box) and then specify a language you’d like to see it in and you get the equivalent term in that language, plus how Microsoft have used that term in their various products. For example, I asked for ‘check box’ in Afrikaans and this is what I got:

Rant: Why oh why in this day and age of small form factor devices, do companies like Microsoft STILL use fixed-width web pages? This site is a classic example. I’m not even trying to view it on a small device, but on a monitor rotated to portrait orientation. Part of the screen is cut off and I either have to resize the browser window or scroll horizontally to see it all. Fluid design has been around for YEARS, but some web designers obviously don’t know about it!

[Link last checked February 2011]


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