Word 2007: I lost my images!

January 24, 2011

My work colleague, Susan, called the other day with a problem. In a Word 2007 document she was working on, all the images had gone and were replaced by boxes where they had been. She checked her picture layout settings, and they were set to In line with text, which is her normal way (and mine) of working with images.

Susan sent me her document, but all the images showed fine on my computer. She thought it was only this document, but when she opened another, its pictures were missing too.

Her next thought was that she’d inadvertently hit some combination of keys that turned off the images, so we compared our Word Options settings — and there we found the culprit!

Her Show picture placeholders check box (under the Advanced > Show document content section) was selected. As soon as she unchecked the box and clicked OK, all her images displayed properly again.


  1. thanks! that is a very helpful post. The pictures also disappear if you are in the DRAFT view!!!

  2. That was veeeeeeeeeeryyyy helpful!!! Thanks a lot!!

  3. TNX!!!!!!

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