Captivate 5: The missing bits

December 3, 2010

I’ve found a few things that didn’t convert correctly (or at all) from my Captivate 3 to Captivate 5 projects. I’ll list them here in case anyone else needs to know what to look for after converting their projects:

  • Buttons that jump to a specified slide may default back to Continue. You may have to reassign the jump. This could be very painful if you have lots of branching slide jumps based on a button press. I found that this happened in some of my projects, but not all.
  • Your custom playback control is available in the list of skins (Project > Skin Editor), but the playback control assigned to your converted projects is Default. You have to reselect your custom skin for each project.
  • Your name, organization and other details go missing from the Information area (File > Project Info or Edit > Preferences). You have to add them back into each project.
  • All the playback control options (except any custom ones from your Captivate 3 projects) are now missing the little Info (i) icon. I can’t see any way of getting this back, except by applying my old custom playback control.
  • Watch for changes to the Project Title when you try to publish. I found that when I created a new project from a template, the template’s title kept populating the Project Title field when I was on the Publish screen — I have to remember to change it manually. I also noticed that any changes I made to the Project Title in some converted projects also wouldn’t ‘hold’ for the next time I published and reverted back to the previous title. I can’t find any way of saving the project with the changed title! Is this a bug?

While you can change these in any templates you have, the changes only apply to new projects based on that template, not to existing projects. This means manually reassigning, reinserting, re-entering, reconfiguring EACH project. And of course, a lot more testing to make sure that they all behave like they did before you converted them. If you only have a few projects and they aren’t too complex, this won’t take more than a few hours. But for those of you with LOTS of projects, lots of branching etc., you could be in for a long haul…

One other thing… I can’t find the Storyboard view in Captivate 5. I used this often in Captivate 3, especially to hide multiple slides at once, or to shift slides around and also to check the total duration and file size of the output. Anyone know where it’s got to?

Later… After getting really frustrated with the Help (another post coming on that…), I found that the Storyboard view is no more! (http://forums.adobe.com/message/3065053) I’m not happy about that as it was something I used often enough to miss it — a lot! I’ve logged a wish list request to add my voice to those asking for it to be brought back. Update 4 December 2010: I received an email back from Adobe re the Storyboard view:

In Captivate 5, the filmstrip view double up as Storyboard view. If you expand the filmstrip, you will see that it shows more slide. You can make such an arrangement and then save that as ‘Workspace’.

The problem with that solution is that you don’t get the old bandwidth and total time details that you used to get with the storyboard view. However, you do get back the ‘at a glance’ view of many more slides in your project.

More… This is not a conversion issue, but something I’ve noticed while learning how to use Captivate 5. In Captivate 3, if you inserted an image from the Library that was the same size as the slide (e.g. slide = 800 x 600; image = 800 x 600), the image would snap neatly to cover the slide and you wouldn’t have to make any adjustments. I can’t find a setting for this behavior in Captivate 5. So, when you drag an image from the Library on to the slide in Captivate 5, you have to set its X/Y coordinates manually! You can do it the hard way (in the image’s Properties panel, click Position & Size, then change both X and Y to 0), or the easy way (click the Center horizontally AND the Center vertically buttons on the toolbar).

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One comment

  1. Hi, Do you by any chance know if it is possible to change the typing text co-ordinates? I have to resize my slide and the tying text needs to be repositioned.
    thanks, Katie

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