Don’t designers ever use the products they design?

November 30, 2010

Sometimes I wonder if product packaging designers live in a parallel universe to the rest of us mere mortals — a parallel universe where they have unlimited money to throw away on wasting the contents of the products they design.

It’s the only explanation I have for this ridiculous redesign of the Sunsilk shampoo bottles.

Mmmm... pretty bottle, nice waist, well balanced...

I don’t know about you, but in my world, when you can’t squeeze much more out of the shampoo bottle, you tip it upside down and store it that way so that the remainder of the product (usually at least 10% of the original contents) makes its way to the ‘top’, ready for you to get the last of it out of the container.

So what designer in their right mind would design the packaging so that the top is at a steep angle to the bottle, and thus CANNOT be stood on its top without help?

This bottle will NOT stand upside down by itself

Maybe their brief was to design it that way so that consumers would buy more. Well, here’s my take on it, Sunsilk — I won’t buy your product again while it’s so darned unusable! Your strategy for getting me to buy more has failed.


  1. Maybe they believed a slanted top would be easier to open.

  2. Actually, Craig, it’s not easier to open. It’s about the same level of difficulty as the previous design. And the little hole in the top is quite a bit bigger, so you initially use more shampoo than you need as it comes out quicker and in more volume than you’re used to. Another ploy to get us to use more and therefore buy more?


  3. Looks like it is time for you to buy another kind of shampoo.

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