Captivate 5: Change the Help options

November 29, 2010

When you install Adobe Captivate 5, the default Help is something called Community Help, which I’m sure is really useful once you’ve sunk your teeth into the basics of the new interface. But as a previous Captivate (v1 and v3) user, I really needed to know how to do some stuff in the new interface that I could do without thinking in the old one.

That meant that I needed just the plain old Help, not some fancy wancy overblown Help trying to be everything to everyone and succeeding in nothing more than overwhelming me with choices from all sorts of sources when I did a search.

The first few times I used Captivate 5, I didn’t want to see all those choices — I just wanted Adobe’s own Help.

So, if you’re finding the Community Help overwhelming too, here’s how to turn it off:

  1. Click Search Options (below the Search field).
  2. Change the Search Location to Local Help.

It’s that easy!

However, what’s not so good is that the Local Help has no Contents, and no Index — it just has a Search box. And when you get a result it displays in the right pane. As you click on a link, you get taken to that page but have to click the Back button to return to your results list. That’s a bit painful — I’d prefer the results to display in the left panel, as they do for Community Help, so I can skip from one result to another.

(And I think they meant ‘Search Community Help’ in that last line…)

Update 16 December 2010: After experiencing some issues with the Help, I had to uninstall and reinstall it. The more recent version has got an option to only search for Adobe’s own Help, as well as Online and Local options.

[Links last checked December 2010]

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  1. […] it initially in Captivate 5, and I was able to change the search location to the local Help (see https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2010/11/29/captivate-5-change-the-help-options/), but since that first experience where I got a result, I’ve had nothing but grief from this […]

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