Captivate 5: Get line, rectangle objects to display

November 26, 2010

After much trial and bleeding error, I found out how to get the line options (Line, Rectangle, Oval and Polygon) in Captivate 5 to display in the left toolbar. And it wasn’t at all intuitive for me (I don’t use other Adobe apps such as Photoshop).

I later discovered this technique is in the Help, but on first use I’m finding the Captivate 5 Help really cumbersome to use — I can’t see a way of turning off all that Community Help stuff that I don’t want as a new user*; I just want Adobe’s Help to start with — the rest is just noise and offers me too many choices.

Anyhow, back to the Line tool…

  • To get the Line toolbar icon to display its hidden options, click on it and HOLD down the mouse for a moment. Then the options will fly out to the right.

Single-clicking, double-clicking and right-clicking have no effect — it’s the hold action that results in these options showing.

The giveaway that there are hidden options is the TINY little black triangle in the lower right corner of this toolbar icon. I think the designers of these applications are all under 20, as this black triangle is both very small and hard to see on a mid-gray background. Not good for over-40 eyes…

* BTW, I did find out how to change the Community Help (the default on installation) back to the Adobe-supplied local Help. I’ll write another blog post on that soon.


  1. This tip was so concise and helpful. I couldn’t figure out why the additional tools wouldn’t show up — impatient me — just hold the mouse down for a sec. Thanks loads.

  2. I hate the way Adobe does that. If they implemented it as a right click, but I think Adobe being a bunch of hipsters they have to be different.

  3. Thank you so much for tip. The berk at lynda.com couldn’t be arsed to explain this.

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