Wow! An Adobe upgrade that worked

November 25, 2010

With much trepidation (my experiences with Adobe upgrades have not typically been without enormous amounts of time and a lot of pain!), I decided to upgrade from Adobe Captivate 3 to Captivate 5 last week.

It was simple as installing the CD/DVD, running the setup program, entering my serial number, entering my Adobe.com details, and it was done!

The next step was to see if my Captivate 3 projects would open and save without error — and they all have so far (I believe there are issues for those using ActionScript, but as I don’t use it, that wasn’t an issue for me).

I even downloaded and installed — without error — the updates released since Captivate 5 was released.

Well done, Adobe. That was a lot less painful than any other Adobe installation/upgrade experience I’ve had in the past few years.

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