Word: Pages go to landscape when accepting all Track Changes

November 17, 2010

Here’s one I haven’t come across before.

My work colleague, D, called me in desperation late yesterday afternoon. She was trying to accept all Track Changes in her Word document, but each time she did, the first section would go to landscape orientation when it was meant to be portrait. She couldn’t figure out what was going on.

When I looked at the document, I could see nothing strange that might be causing the problem. So I tried accepting all Track Changes too — with the same result as D. The first section after the document’s front matter flipped to landscape.

There was only one landscape section in the document, but it was after that first section. Hmmm… Maybe it was the culprit — after all, it’s the following section break that contains the formatting for the section in front of it.

I looked more closely and saw that the section break between the portrait and landscape pages had a Track Changes bar on it. Aha! I right-clicked and saw there was a deletion, so I rejected that. Then I right-clicked again and saw that there was an insertion, which I accepted*. THEN I accepted all Track Changes in the document and the portrait and landscape pages stayed put, as they were designed to.

So if you have the same problem:

  1. Look for Track Change bars at the Section Break, and accept/reject that individual insertion/deletion.
  2. THEN accept all Track Changes.

Note: * I think that was the sequence — it may have been the other way round, so if this happens to you, try both options, then accept all — if it doesn’t fix it, the Undo button is your friend and you can try the other way.

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