Trend affects ping rate. Why?

October 26, 2010

For some time now I’ve suspected that Trend anti-virus affects a computer’s ping rate. My computer had McAfee installed, but my Vista laptop and my husband’s computer both had Trend installed. Using speedtest.net I knew that the ping rate from my machine to the internet was around 50 ms, but was around 700 ms from the other two machines after Trend was installed.

When I mentioned this to the Trend support people a couple of years ago when my husband’s computer was reinstalled, then again when he got a new one, they emphatically denied that Trend was the culprit even though running a ping rate test prior to installing Trend showed his computer getting those 50 ms ping rates before installing Trend and 700 ms rates after installation.

Which brings me to now. A few days ago, we got Trend Worry Free Business installed on the server and the client installed on my machine (after removing the well-and-truly expired McAfee).

Guess what’s happened to my ping rates from the moment Trend was installed? They jumped to that 700 ms rate immediately after installation and haven’t budged.

I’m not noticing any other effects on internet access, but Trend has definitely had an effect on my ping rates, despite their denials.

Anyone know why?

Oh, and as an aside. Look at those wonderful download rates I get from my 8 mbps connection! This is Telstra shaping in action, folks! It’s been like this since August 11, 2010, with no indication if/when it might go back to the 4 to 6 mbps download speeds we were getting before being shaped. We pay for 8 and get maybe 2.6 — what a joke!

[Links last checked October 2010]

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