Word: Save your macros to a separate file

September 9, 2010

Last week my husband’s computer had to be reinstalled with Windows, Microsoft Office and all the other applications. Life has been interesting since then, trying to get all the apps set up the way he had them before.

Several days later and he’s working away in a Word document. Happy, that is, until he wants to use the keyboard shortcut for a macro I set up for him ages ago that reformats a pasted table. And it doesn’t work.

I go looking, hoping that perhaps the keyboard shortcut is the only thing that got hosed, but the macro is gone too. Documents based on that template (and the template itself) don’t have any macros. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Nothing.

So I *assume* that I’d saved the macro to normal.dot (bad move!), and of course, when the system was reinstalled, the old normal.dot got wiped and reinstalled. Goodbye macros.

Bottom line:


  1. […] are several ways to deal with a macro (e.g. copy/paste the code from one document to another, or store the macro in a special macros file), copying a style from one document to another is not so simple. The hard way is to write down or […]

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