Word: Autofit a table to the width of the page margins

August 10, 2010

This handy trick is useful for tables in your main document and any tables you might use for layout in your headers/footers. It’s particularly useful if you ever change the page margins in your document — with a table set to ‘autofit to window’, changing the page margins means that the table resizes too and you don’t have to resize the columns manually.

Here’s how in Word 2003 and Word 2007:

Word 2003:

  1. Click inside the table.
  2. On the menu, select Table > AutoFit > AutoFit to Window.

Word 2007:

  1. Click inside the table.
  2. Go to the Table Tools > Layout tab.
  3. Click the large AutoFit icon, then click AutoFit Window.

See also:


  1. […] last action‘ function (Ctrl+Y or F4). It makes it really easy to do something like set Auto Fit to Window for a table, then go to the next table (using the Object Browser) and reapply the same setting to […]

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