Browser support for HTML5 and CSS3

June 23, 2010

As HTML5 and CSS3 support grows, you might need to know which browsers support the various new features.

While there are many tables that give this information in text form (see http://caniuse.com/ for an example), some of you might find that a graphic explains it better.

The screen shot below is from http://html5readiness.com/ — when you go to that website, hover over the radiating points to see which feature is support by the various browsers; the screen shot shows that none of the Internet Explorer (IE) versions support HTML5 Forms:

See also:

[Links last checked June 2010]


  1. Your site seems to be busted…

  2. Thanks Jim. My site isn’t broken, but that HTML5 Readiness site doesn’t work for me on any version of Internet Explorer I tried (IE6, IE7 or IE8). It works fine on Firefox 3.6.

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