Search multiple style guides simultaneously

June 16, 2010

OnlineStylebooks.com (http://www.onlinestylebooks.com/home.html) is an interesting resource. You can search multiple style guides at once for the answer to your burning question of when to use semicolons, whether to capitalize the name of chemicals, and the like.

The list of style guides used for the search includes those published — and made freely available on the internet — by well-known newspapers, broadcasters, and magazine publishers, as well as universities and professional societies and associations (e.g. National Geographic, The Economist, the BBC, NASA, etc.). For links to all the style guides they reference, see: http://www.onlinestylebooks.com/StylebooksIndexed.html (same list in subject order: http://www.onlinestylebooks.com/BySubject.html).

The person behind the site is Mary Beth Protomastro, “who has been reading stylebooks since high school”, and who is also the founder of the CopyEditing newsletter: http://www.copyediting.com/

[Links last checked June 2010]


  1. Something to beware of though… many of the style guides are those used for journalistic writings/submissions. Writing styles for journal submissions differ from the writing style for use documentation.

    Just something to be aware of. They may be useful if what you are looking for, as a tech writer, isn’t in the MSTP or Chicago style guides.

  2. I guess guides such as the ‘Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications’, Sun’s ‘Read me first’ style guide, the ‘Chicago Manual of Style’, and the like are not listed because they are not freely available on the internet. Her ‘About’ page implies that only those freely available are searched: http://www.onlinestylebooks.com/About.html

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