When two worlds collide

May 30, 2010

Some of you know that I have a passion for making things from fabric, outside my life as a technical communicator. Others of you have no idea, so today I’m going to let my two worlds collide a little and share with you some of the ‘geeky’ bags and sleeves I make: knick knack bags, Kindle and iPad sleeves, and laptop totes.

Gratuitous self-promotion alert! ;-)

I have an Etsy store where I sell these bags, as well as lots of other practical things made from fabric, like bookmarks, journal covers, and luggage tags. I can also make custom items from my large stash of fabric. Mostly I make things for the creative buzz it gives me, but I’ve got to do something with it all! Thus the Etsy store. (BTW, Etsy.com is a place for those who make unique hand-made items — there are a couple of other technical communicators on there too!)


  1. Yay! I can comment! (AFAIK, there’s no way to leave comments within Etsy itself.)

    If you’re reading this, you *have* to check out Rhonda’s Etsy store. (Click the link above.) I think I own one of the first laptop bags Rhonda ever made, and it’s both beautiful and functional. It holds my laptop, power cord, and mouse, and there’s still a pocket left over (I usually stick a couple of pens and small notebook in it). I also own (and frequently use) the luggage tag, bookmark, and journal cover (it’s a matched set in the “I still call Australia home” fabric). (Unexpected bonus: my Nook fits nicely inside the journal cover!)

    I’ve purchased several of her bookmarks for gifts for my son’s teachers. I got my mother a plate mat for last Christmas. Last year, Rhonda custom-made a bag for a friend of mine, even making a special trip to find the material (my friend is fond of frogs :-).) And a couple of months ago, I got one of her incredible oven mitts…it works better than any commercial mitt I’ve ever purchased.

    Rhonda’s work is meticulous and I’m super-impressed by the quality of her work. Seams are stitched multiple times and edges are bound…she takes the time to create quality products.

    Disclaimer: Rhonda and I have been friends for ages now, but I’d be saying these things even if I’d never met her. Her stuff is just fantastic.

  2. *Blushing!* Thanks, Char! I’ve enjoyed the creation process probably more than you’ve enjoyed your ‘goodies’!

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