Text preferences survey results

May 28, 2010

Message, a web design and development company in the UK, ran an online survey to find out the answer to this question: “What are the preferred column widths, font sizes, typefaces and line-heights for reading text online.”

More than 5000 people responded and Message have now made available the results. In summary:

  • Serif fonts: Georgia is likely to be most readable by the majority of a given audience.
  • Sans serif fonts: You can flip a coin between Arial and Verdana.
  • Font sizes: All fonts tested are in the ‘readable zone’ if they’re around 12 pt to 15 pt.
  • Column width: Depending on the font and size used, the ‘readable zone’ for column widths is between 450 px and 675 px.
  • Line height: At ‘readable’ sizes (around 12 pt to 15 pt), a line height value of 1.3 is a strong favorite across all fonts.

For the full survey results, see the original articles:

(BTW, as I use a standard WordPress theme, I cannot adjust the font, its size or color in this blog…)

[Links last checked May 2010]

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