Unread messages in Inbox

May 11, 2010

I was at a client site the other day for a meeting. The meeting coordinator — a reasonably high-level manager — had his Outlook displayed on the screen at one stage and I noticed that he had more than 1,800 UNREAD emails in his primary Inbox!

He used folders to organize his emails, but those bold ‘unread’ emails in his main Inbox were a worry — you’ve got to wonder how he can deal with the psychological trauma of seeing that number every day and knowing he had to respond to all those people, or take action as a result of each email.

I always have a few (usually fewer than 10) ‘unreads’ in my main Inbox — I’ve actually read them, but because I need to do something about them, I mark them as ‘unread’ so they stand out from the crowd. But more than 1,800? That’d do my head in…

How many unread emails do YOU have in your Inbox?


One comment

  1. I tend to have zero unread emails and the ones I need to deal with are flagged so I can bring up a list of flagged messages and deal with them as and when I get time.
    Maybe the manager in question uses your method and really does have 1800 things they need to deal with!
    On the other hand, perhaps they receive a lot of emails and are able to quickly prioritise the opening of them. Does this particular manager take a long time or never reply to your emails?

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