So, what did the fish do?

May 2, 2010

I love my job! I learn about new stuff all the time, and sometimes I find out about just plain weird stuff. Take this example from an environmental document I was editing last week (my emphasis in italics):

During [service and maintenance] times, the LTD [light, turbidity and deposition] loggers were removed from the seabed, the data downloaded, checked and visually verified, batteries replaced as required and the sensors cleaned and anti-fouled as necessary. The wiper arm design was modified early in the [Program] following damage to the wiper assemblies from fish interference and the consequent deterioration of data recovery and data quality. However, ongoing fish interference resulted in deterioration of data recovery throughout the [Program], including periods of complete data loss.

Fish interference???? What the…? Now my interested was piqued!

I emailed the author of the document and asked her what on earth that meant — did the fish chew, eat, strip or break the wiper arms on the data loggers?

Her answer — Yes! All of the above!

Some fish we have out there…

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