iTunes showing up in German

April 26, 2010

I’m our household’s resident geek. If my husband gets stuck with his computer, he calls me. Well, he’d been complaining that the text he sees in iTunes was all in German — and neither of us read German! I checked the preferences in his iTunes desktop app. There’s a language setting under Edit > Preferences. It was already set to English (US), so I got him to change it to English (UK) just in case the selection needed to be refreshed. Then, following the on-screen instructions, he closed down iTunes and restarted it.

That didn’t fix it. However, I noticed that the iTunes app toolbar etc. was in English — and had been all along. The German text was in the iTunes Store section in the middle.

Off to Google… where I found that there are TWO language settings you have to change — one for the app (which we had already done, above), and one for the store. To change the one for the store, scroll to the bottom of any page in the store. On the bottom right, you’ll see a flag. Click the flag and choose the country/language you want. Problem solved — no more German text!

However, what my husband did find was that the information available to him from the Australian version of the store and the German (or other language) version of the store was different in some respects. He’s a bit of a ‘music detective’ in that he hunts out things like album credits, times for songs, release dates etc. so he’s interested in all that stuff — and that’s where he noticed differences. Now that he knows he can change the store’s country/view, he’s got has another little world to explore when hunting down such information. So that’s a bonus — I think…

BTW, Apple have documented this language issue in their knowledge base, which is where I found the answer: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2242

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  1. thanks a lot…it solved my problem

  2. Really helped!! thanks!

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