Personality test using colors

February 25, 2010

Most of us have done some sort of personality test at some time. Perhaps you were asked to do a formal test (like Myers-Briggs) for a career assessment, or maybe you’ve just done some fun tests on the internet.

Well, here’s something a little different — a free personality test using colors, available online here:  http://www.careerpath.com/career-tests/colorcareercounselor.aspx

You choose the colors you like the most and the least and at the end you’re given an assessment of your two strongest characteristics based on your color choices, along with suggested careers for each personality type.

BTW, my strongest characteristics on my first attempt were Organizer and Researcher — no surprises there! I did the test again a few days later and this time my results were Creator and Social Manager. Obviously I must’ve chosen different colors the second time round. Interestingly, the two careers I’ve had in my working life — librarian and technical writer — are both listed in the Creator classification, and ‘proofreader’ is listed under the Organizer occupational category (I do a lot of editing, too).

[Link last checked February 2010]

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