Moving on…

February 22, 2010

My business, CyberText Consulting Pty Ltd, is moving!

Actually, by the time you read this, we should have moved and with luck — and the help of the wonderful staff at PC Guru and iinet — all our computer systems and internet connections should be up and running. Cross fingers, toes, and everything else.

We’ve moved from a small town in the heart of the south-west corner of Western Australia to a location just north of a major regional centre (but still in the south-west). We’re now closer to Perth, our capital city — instead of being some 2.5 to 3 hours drive from Perth, we’re now about 75 to 90 minutes drive away. We’re also about a 15 min drive — not 75 mins — from the facilities and services of a city of some 80,000 people. And much closer to the ocean.

Why move? Well, the town we were in was very hilly and surrounded by some of the most forested areas of Western Australia. It was absolutely beautiful and pleasantly mild for much of the year, but in the hot Western Australian summers the area is an extreme fire hazard. In about 2004, some very large bushfires came close to the town, and in 2009, a massive out-of-control bushfire came within 3 km (2 miles) of the town before a fortuitous wind shift turned it in another direction. I discovered that I didn’t deal well with living in a fire-prone area, so we’ve moved to a less hazardous area. Nowhere in Australia is truly safe from bushfires in summer, but there are places where the risk is less — and where I hope to feel much safer.

For those who need to update their address books, the new postal address and phone numbers will be on the CyberText website very soon… Mobile phone, email address, Skype contact details, etc. remain the same.

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  1. So I guess you’ve moved into the Peel region? It’s a nice place.

    Email me if I’m right.

  2. Almost… a bit closer to Bunbury than Mandurah.

  3. I hope your move went well, and that everything is up and running as expected.

    I visited Bunbury while stationed aboard the USS Frederick back in 1980. Absolutely loved it there! Hope it’s just as nice as I remember. I also hope to visit again someday.

    All the best,

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