Bug tracking software

January 22, 2010

Here’s a short list of links to some bug tracking software:

Wikipedia has a comparison chart of even more:

[Links last checked January 2010; thanks to Alan B on the STC’s Consultants and Independent Contractors discussion list for many of these suggestions]


  1. We are using Redmine which is free. Pretty good

  2. Not sure why DevTrack is missing from the wikipedia list because it’s the standard in my industry.

    That said, I’ve never liked DevTrack and have been using JIRA for years. It has its quirks but I like it better than anything else I have used. Plus it’s native Australian :-)

  3. I prefer hosted bug tracking systems , like Assembla, where you can easily add on SVN, GIT, wikis and other tools if you need them. They set em up and make sure everything gets backed up regularly for a $20 a month per team.

  4. Great list and I found the wikipedia comparison chart to be a great help.

    A few that I found on there that I liked are OnTime (http://www.axosoft.com/) and Jira

    They both have worked well with my small development team.

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