The great gender divide?

January 9, 2010

According to Australian Personal Computer magazine (January 2010, p9), Gadget Helpline asked their 75,000 callers whether they read the instruction manual. The statistics published in APC were revealing: 64% of males said they didn’t, while 76% of women said they did.

When I checked the original blog article from Gadget Helpline (based in the UK) on this ‘research’, they don’t state how many callers they used to generate these statistics, so I’m not sure where APC got that 75,000 figure from.

Another gender-related statistic from Gadget Helpline’s analysis is that 12% of men and 7% of women reported that the cause of their problem was not plugging in the power or turning the appliance on! (I think we’ve all done that, but I’m not sure we’ve all called a help desk about it… though my memory of such calls from the four years I spent on a help desk for a particular software application would indicate that those numbers — around 10% — are probably about right.)

In summary, the article states:

…it seems that women are less technically inclined but are better at following instructions, and men are more technically inclined but overconfident in their knowledge.

You can see the original article here: http://blog.gadgethelpline.com/the-great-gadget-debate-man-vs-woman/

[Links last checked January 2010]

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