Sketch out your car accident

November 21, 2009

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, my sympathies. You have quite a bit of running around and inconvenience ahead of you, to say nothing of recovery from injuries.

One of the tasks you have to do is complete a police report and possibly one or more insurance claim forms. In my state, you get a tiny space on the police form to sketch out what happened and to which car. But with AccidentSketch.com, a free, web-based sketching tool you can drag and drop all the elements onto a drawing ready to save and print out.


(The site’s designers are German, so the English instructions are a little odd, but that doesn’t take away from the usefulness of this site. [After I posted that comment, they asked me how their English instructions could be improved. I emailed them a list of suggestions for their front page, and they implemented them almost immediately. That’s a terrific response!] And did I mention it’s free?)

Update 23 November 2009: If you live in Western Australia, you can now report your accident online at https://www.crashreport.com.au/.  This is a joint initiative from the Insurance Commission and the WA Police, and I understand that it links into the Department of Transport database, so any information you provide about car ownership etc. will be verified against official records.

[Links last checked November 2009; thanks to Jason at PC Guru for mentioning this site in one of his newsletters]

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