October 9, 2009

When I was in Perth earlier this week to do some training with Chevron Australia, I received some nice accolades for being part of the HES team that made the Gorgon Project (Australia’s biggest ever resources project) a reality. I was presented with a framed certificate of appreciation, a specially minted gold-plated coin from the Perth Mint, and a silver engraved Cross pen; the rest of the team were presented with theirs at two special functions that I was unable to attend. And I was given personal thanks from my boss, the Environmental Team Lead.

We had some horrendous deadlines in the final few weeks prior to the Final Investment Decision, but we got there. It was an amazing journey and I was (and am) very proud to be part of it.

I also know a lot more about marine turtles, corals, subterranean fauna, geosequestration of carbon dioxide, and liquefied natural gas than I ever thought I would.

One of the joys of being a technical writer and editor is learning about new stuff all the time. Currently it’s environmental, health and safety stuff; on previous contracts, I’ve learned about 3D geological visualisation and modelling, gems and jewellery, satellite delivery of education to outback stations, converting 2D movies into 3D, nickel and cobalt processing etc. I love my job! And I get paid to do something I love — can’t ask for better than that.

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