What you can and can’t ask in a job interview

August 23, 2009

The US-based Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons (AARP) has put out a list of personal questions that employers can’t ask and those that *may* be acceptable under some circumstances — and offers advice for how to deal with these types of personal questions. The list and advice applies to all ages, not just those 50 and over.

While it is specifically relevant to the US and US legislation, the general advice in the list would likely apply to many other jurisdictions as well, especially in countries that had strong anti-discrimination and labor laws.

The AARP article is here: http://bulletin.aarp.org/yourmoney/work/articles/when_interviews_get_personal.html

[Link last checked August 2009; thanks to LJK on the Lone Writer discussion list for this link]

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