Add steps, tips etc. to videos

July 22, 2009

There’s a new kid on the block offering a service that lets you upload your instructional videos and add steps, tips, titles, etc. to them, then share them with the world. The product is Howcast, and as far as I can tell, it’s a free service.

The image below shows a video with some Howcast features added:

Screen shot of a Howcast video frame

Screen shot of a Howcast video frame

The dots at the bottom of the video repesent steps (white dots for those to come, black for those already seen; green dots for tips, and red dots for warnings [not shown]). You can hover over a dot to see the text associated with it — in this example, an instructional step (“Step 3 Take pictures outside in the morning of before sunset”).

Howcast’s website also has text instructions in a Wiki format (Wiki Guides) for those who don’t do video.

And for those who can’t afford or justify more complex software, such as Adobe’s Captivate, Techsmith’s Camtasia and the like, Howcast might be a viable option for the occasional instructional video you need to produce.

Howcast website: http://www.howcast.com

[Links last checked July 2009]

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