Author-it: Importing Word 2007 DOCX files

July 7, 2009

Author-it 5.3 (and earlier) only has an option for importing Word 2003 (DOC) files. It appears that you can’t import Word 2007 files as there’s no DOCX option listed for the file type and any DOCX files in your import directory don’t show.

You have two options:

  • Save your Word 2007 DOCX file as a Word 2003 DOC file and import that
  • Use the workaround below to import the DOCX file.


  1. Go to the directory where the DOCX file you want to import is stored. Copy the file name and extension (e.g. filename.docx).
  2. Go through the normal steps to import a Word document (Import tab > Word).
  3. When you get to the directory where you have to chose the Word file, you won’t see the DOCX file listed so you can’t select it. Instead, paste the copied file name + extension into the File name field, then click Open.

Your DOCX file should import successfully!

(Thanks to Char James-Tanny who provided this workaround; this workaround is also published on Hamish Blunck’s unofficial Author-it Wiki)

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