Intelligent error message

May 26, 2009

I clicked a long (broken) link in a forwarded email message (see Note below about broken links in emails), fully prepared to see a standard 404 error message and ready to copy/paste the remainder of the link into the address line.

Instead I got this – an intelligent error message that clearly explains what went wrong and how to fix it! It’s only a little thing but I am VERY impressed:

Excellent 404 error message

Excellent 404 error message

(Note: Why can’t popular email applications like Outlook understand a long hyperlink in a forwarded message? Long, broken URLs are a real nuisance for users like my parents who don’t realise that they have to copy/paste the ending into the address line — they click on the link in the email expecting a page to display, and are disappointed when they get an error message. At least the error message above helps them get out of that situation — and learn a new technique in the process.)

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