Browsers are male!

May 20, 2009

Following on from the fine tradition of certain languages (such as French) assigning genders to inanimate objects, one company has decided that browsers are male! I spotted this when doing a software update:

Gender-specific browsers

Gender-specific browsers

While it’s all very fine to make fun of such constructions, this is what I would do if I was responsible for this message:

  • replace ‘he’ with ‘it’
  • add a possessive apostrophe to “browsers” in the second line, and because you can have more than one browser or browser window open simultaneously, I’d make that a plural possessive: “… your browsers’ configuration files…”
  • make ‘Of The’ lower case in the message title
  • perhaps reword the last sentence to something like ‘An open browser may overwrite your [software application] settings with those it still has in memory’

I wouldn’t touch ‘immunize’ as it is a specifically named function of this software.

I’m sure others might make different changes, so I invite your feedback — what would YOU change about this message if you had the ability to do so? BTW, the application is from the malicious software removal tools family.

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