Little Red Riding Hood in tech writer speak

May 19, 2009

Janice G on the Austechwriter discussion list, shared with us a classic piece of humor on technical writing: http://neptune.spacebears.com/opine/style.html

The first part was pretty funny, but possibly only to those of us in the profession. The last part — a rewriting of Little Red Riding Hood in ‘proper’ technical writing language (perhaps from 1940?) — is classic!

Here’s the opening paragraph:

At a previous but undetermined timeframe, a single-family domestic domicile was inhabited by a young girl, known as Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH), and her Maternal Parent (MP). The Maternal Parent (MP) had once provided for the fabrication of an article of clothing, a cloak in nature (including a “hood” or protective covering for the head of the wearer), that was RGB code [255,0,0] in hue (aka, “red”). As a result of this action, and the resultant repeated usage of the “hood”, the young girl was always known as LRRH in substitution for the name identified on her birth certificate and other identifying documentation.


[Link last checked May 2009]

One comment

  1. Nice. Has a real bureaucratic feel to it. I’m glad to see that tech writing style has evolved a bit.

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