Internet Explorer: Cannot type in a field

May 14, 2009

Something very weird happened the other day. I use both Firefox 3.x and Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). I prefer Firefox, but some things are designed for IE (like Microsoft Partner pages, and a link to a client’s system), so there are occasions when I have to use IE.

When I opened IE7 that day, I got some message about an add-on not being compatible. That was the first weird thing — I’ve never seen any messages about IE add-ons, ever.

Then when I went to enter a search term into Google, or enter anything into any field on any website, nothing happened. I couldn’t see the marker for the cursor position in any field and I couldn’t type in any field.

The mouse worked, command buttons worked, and I could enter an web address at the top, but I couldn’t type in any field on the screen. I closed and re-opened IE7, I looked under Tools > Manage Add-ons to see if there was anything there that showed some sort of error. Nothing.

Using Firefox, I did a Google search and found a solution here: http://www.winxptutor.com/ieabout.htm

I closed IE7, then ran the first command suggested on that page (REGSVR32 MSHTMLED.DLL). I re-opened IE7 to see if it worked, and it did! I had my typing function back!

I still don’t know what caused it, but at least I was able to fix it.


  1. Thank You!

  2. This absolutely worked!! I searched multiple sites and tried various things but this was the only thing that was simple and worked.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Didn’t work for me unfortunately. I am running IE6 with Multiple IE and the IE7 Standalone. Same problem, still no fix!

  4. I love you!!! thank you very much. this laptop has been useless for ages and now it is fine. thank you very much indeed.

  5. Seeking typing / keyboard errors
    Starts when completing fields – acts as if the Ctrl Key was pressed and a action starts – application closes or something unrelated starts.

    Tks: Kerry

  6. I have a machine with the similar problem with a machine running IE7. I registered the DLL and now I can type into data entry fields. However, I have other things going on with this machine. I can not access Tools-> Options. I get a popup saying access is restricted. In addition, the Internet Options ICON is missing in Control Panel. Also, if I run, inetcpl.cpl nothing appears to happen. I’m also getting scripting errors when I use the Group Policy snapin in the MMC or try creating a System Restore point. I believe all this to be related.

  7. Thanks dude. This helped me. Had to go for the other options in the site as well… still thanks !

  8. Super duper!!
    It works! BTW, my computer had this problem after I updated it… MS at it’s best :-P

  9. Just used this to fix a users machine that had been re-formated and updated. was a dell vostro laptop that we shipped to the user. Had never seen anything like this before. Other searches didn’t return anything helpful. EXTREMELY glad I found this as it worked like a charm. why in the world this would be something that would happen in the first place I have no idea. Thanks a ton!

  10. yeah this worked for me thank you so much for your help

  11. Bro…
    u r superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    thanks dude..

  12. worked for me too…thx


  14. thanks it worked perfectly!

  15. hey.. it works… thanx a lot

  16. Work’s for me…

  17. Thanks it worked on IE7

    Google search : not able to type in ie browser

  18. Thanks a ton buddy. This really worked

  19. Brilliant! You have provided a solution that my Helpdesk is still looking for!

  20. CTRL-K worked for me.

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