Show multiple time zones at once

May 11, 2009

On this blog, I’ve mentioned a couple of tools for showing multiple time zones simultaneously. While they’re both good, you are limited to fewer than five time zones.

In these days of being able to business anywhere, at any time, with anyone, that limitation is a bit small for me. I have clients, colleagues, friends and/or family in all US time zones, New Zealand, all states of Australia, and Israel — way more than six time zones!

Enter FoxClocks, an add-in for the Firefox browser. You can display multiple time zones simultaneously, and it appears to deal automatically with daylight saving/summer time in various locations too. There are various ways to configure it to display the times along the status bar of Firefox or as a popup list, to display countries or cities or a combination, etc.



Best of all, it’s free! If you use Firefox, you can get FoxClocks from here:

[Links last checked April 2009]

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